Equine-Assisted Learning & Activities

Because Horses Help Humans Heal

Through therapeutic recreation, horses accept, teach and inspire us along a path of personal growth and insight, supporting us in powerful ways.

"“There is something about the outside of a horse 

that is good for the inside of a man.”

Winston S. Churchill 

Horses have carried humans through their journeys for centuries. Early records may lean more toward the physical contributions of the horse, but relationships - both physical and emotional - between humans and horses are nothing new. How many of us have felt the desire to pet the horse when we see a mounted patrol, or to attend events that feature these majestic animals? Even the small act of touching a horse can have  a big effect on the human state of mind. Somehow, they make us feel special and graced in their presence. But there's more. As they get to know us, and us them, they offer a connection that is like no other. As we learn how to interact with a horse so as to maintain preserve that connection, we ultimately learn about ourselves. 

So what is it that we do at The Mane Thing, LLC? We provide gentle horses, a peaceful, therapeutic environment, programs (or visits) designed especially for you, and and opportunities to learn much more about horses and thus about yourself. Sometimes what our Clients learn is that they really do need a break and some time for self-care.  We provide Life Skills, personal awareness and support, entertainment, and activities for youth and adults. Veterans are welcome! Reserve for single sessions/visits, or set up on a recurring schedule. We even offer a 1-hour "Coffee and Carrots" visit with the horses on Saturday mornings - simply reserve your spot on Calendly and watch for your confirmation, and you're all set!

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how do horses help humans?

Life & Social Skills - Youth & Adults


Visit FOR a time-out FROM EVERYTHING

Step away from everything wordly, and enjoy reconnecting with nature alongside our equine friends. Whether you are simply seeking a place of comfort and respite and an environment of peace and tranquility, or are seeking personal awareness and insight that often stems from interacting with horses, you have come to the right place. Many of us just need a little kindness and someone to believe in us until we get better at believing in ourselves.

We LOVE what we do in supporting others through kindness, acceptance, learning and the horses' intuition. There is just something about a horse seeking your company that instantly boosts confidence.

We believe in people, and we believe in horses' ability to read us well and respond with honesty to what they are sensing. How is it that horses can do this when humans often cannot? Horses have no agenda, no expectations (except to be safe in our company) and no one to impress. They simply respond to what is real and in front of them. Why is this important? Because we can rest assured that horses are not judging us. They respond honestly to what they sense, giving us the opportunity to learn about ourselves and how others may perceive us without feeling judged

👩‍💻 Attention Home-Schoolers! 👨‍💻

Ask us about educational visit with our horses - a great way to add agricultural / farm animal experience to your home-school curriculum!

Woman with a black horse and a white horse

Percheron: Big horses, big hearts 🤎

Thanks for the bath, Mom!  Let's go roll in the mud!